Our Verdict 
As a screen it’s good, as an object lesson in value for money it’s better
Looks, build and ergonomics belie price
impressive DVD and Blu-ray pictures
Less impressive TV tuner
sounds like the onset of a migraine
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It might be cheap and wallet-soothing, but there's no denying the '19B450's 1366 x 768 resolution and long list of input options is on-the-money for this screen-size.

All of this would count for little if the Samsung didn't perform, but this is a superior set. There's not quite the energy to Blu-ray-derived pictures as is ideal, but images are impressively detailed, stable and low-noise.

Edges are smooth, movement equally so, while the '19B450 is very adept with skin-textures – Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino looks like he's absconded from Mount Rushmore.

We're equally impressed by the Samsung's ability to upscale DVD pictures. The same excellent suppression of digital noise and attention to fine details are carried over from its HD performance, and it manages to keep much of its authority over motion, too.

TV pictures err on the soft sideThe TV tuners are a more qualified success. They deliver soft, yet coarse images, and are a little short of detail.

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Don't get us wrong: these broadcast TV pictures are no disgrace in the context of the Samsung's test rivals, but we wouldn't give these off-air images an unqualified recommendation.

Back on the plus side(s), gamers will appreciate the alacrity of the '19B450's responses, although they'll probably appreciate less the bony, unyielding sound.

But in the end, put all the criticisms in context: the build, finish, picture performance and price all point to a set that offers serious value and has a great deal to recommend it.

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