Our Verdict 
Pure doesn’t do duff radios, and this one is another cracker
Improved display
usual Pure build, sound-quality and ease of use
Mains only
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Pure never seems to run out of variations on the DAB theme, and the Tempus-1S is another twist on the original Evoke model. This time you have the facilities of the company's Chronos clock-radios, including four alarm memories, but in the same ‘table radio' wooden casework with which Pure started.

It's a mains-only mono radio, lacking the Evokes' battery option, but it can be used with an optional speaker to give stereo, has an auxiliary input for an iPod or MP3 player, and has a clear, highly-visible organic LED display. There's also a selection of ‘natural sounds' (birdsong, crashing waves, etc.) to lull you to sleep or gently wake you.

DAB and FM reception are stable, and music and speech are served up in a poised fashion – the Tempus doesn't delve that deep but it can produce convincing low frequencies while retaining good clarity. In other words, it's yet another very good Pure model.