Our Verdict 
Another fine Evoke derivative, and a worthy Award-winner
Good-sounding, still stylish, flexible and green
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Here's another spin on Pure's original Evoke-1 portable radio, but this one really is portable thanks to the option of using it with the company's £30 ChargePak rechargeable battery, which gives 24 hours' playback per charge.

That's not all: this version also has a USB input, a 3.5mm auxiliary input and headphone output, and like past Evokes can be used with an add-on speaker to turn this mono set into a stereo radio.

It also has some very green technology: in standby, it uses less than one watt of power, the display is a super-clear OLED that requires no backlighting, and the packaging is mostly made of recycled materials.

But it's the sound that clinched the Evoke-1S yet another Award for Pure: smooth and articulate, and very spacious for a mono design, it has greater poise and clarity than any direct rival.