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  1. Fender Monterey

    Fender Monterey

    Reviewed on 14th August 2017
    Price when reviewed £300

    Fender’s first foray into the world of domestic hi-fi is a qualified success

  2. Bose SoundLink Revolve

    Bose SoundLink Revolve

    Reviewed on 1st August 2017
    Price when reviewed £200

    This petite Bose Bluetooth speaker makes a huge impact…

  3. JBL Playlist

    JBL Playlist

    Reviewed on 10th July 2017
    Price when reviewed £150

    An engagingly up-and-at-'em presentation from this burly JBL

  4. Tibo Vogue 3

    Tibo Vogue 3

    Reviewed on 5th July 2017
    Price when reviewed £230

    A new and worthy rival to our favourite portable wireless speakers

  5. JBL Control X Wireless

    JBL Control X Wireless

    Reviewed on 3rd July 2017
    Price when reviewed £500

    Decent enough sound, but not as competitive as we expected

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  7. Audio Pro Addon C5

    Audio Pro Addon C5

    Reviewed on 27th June 2017
    Price when reviewed £230

    Audio Pro has done a marvellous job with these multi-room Addon speakers

  8. JBL Flip 4

    JBL Flip 4

    Reviewed on 23rd June 2017
    Price when reviewed £120

    Sound quality isn’t flawless, but still a great little worker...

  9. McIntosh RS100

    McIntosh RS100

    Reviewed on 19th June 2017
    Price when reviewed £1000

    Being the most affordable McIntosh product you can buy doesn’t automatically make the RS100 a bargain.

  10. Master & Dynamic MA770

    Master & Dynamic MA770

    Reviewed on 14th June 2017

    Some extremely thorough and committed engineering has gone into the MA770, but has it borne fruit? We've been hands on to find out...

  11. Apple HomePod

    Apple HomePod

    Reviewed on 6th June 2017

    The great Apple mantra is “don’t do it first, do it right.” Well, the Apple HomePod definitely isn't the world's first smart speaker, but has it done it right? We've been hands-on with the new arrival...