You can now find out when Apple Music songs get Spatial Audio-fied

You can now find out when Apple Music songs get Spatial Audio-fied
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Apple's Spatial Audio offers a new spin on songs, rendering them in 3D audio and surround sound through headphones. Since it started supporting the technology in 2021, Apple Music has expanded its catalogue of Spatial Audio tracks. And now there's a way of knowing if songs in your library are supported.

The Music Library Tracker app (via 9to5Mac) has added a new feature called Spatial Audio tracking. This will show when tracks in your library have been upgraded to – or downgraded from – Spatial Audio. You can even choose to receive a daily push notification detailing which of your songs made the cut in the previous 24 hours. And it can generate a playlist comprised exclusively of songs in your library that are available in Spatial Audio.

According to Music Library Tracker's Ben Dodson, the app fills a gap in Apple Music's skillset.

"Apple Music does not yet have a clear strategy for displaying Spatial Audio tracks," he said. "Whilst they have some playlists and collections that get updated weekly, the only way to tell which tracks in your own library are upgraded is to play them and see. This is obviously not ideal and not a great way to showcase what is a genuine leap in musical quality and the hundreds of thousands of tracks that have been upgraded. 

"I created this feature as I was determined to find a way to see which tracks had been updated."

If you don't want to pay to download the app, you can search Dodson's website for tracks or follow his Twitter account Spatial Audio Releases.


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