You can now delete content from your Netflix 'Continue Watching' list

(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has made a small but welcome change to its interface to allow users to edit the ‘Continue Watching’ row of their homepage. The new feature means that you can now delete content that you have no plans to revisit, and is available across Netflix’s TV, web and mobile apps.

To ditch a TV show or movie from your ‘Continue Watching’ row on all devices, select the item and then scroll down to ‘Remove from Continue Watching’ from the page options. If you’re a little too rash in banishing that must-see show you’re never quite in the mood for, you can also undo the removal by clicking the back arrow button. 

The feature is long overdue, as, with multiple streaming services to grapple with (and no successful universal search option available), viewers increasingly struggle to find content they enjoy. Netflix wants its home page to be a prompt to help you recall and quickly navigate to the content you’re interested in. Whereas previously, the prominently displayed ‘Continue Watching’ row read more like a rogues gallery of disappointing documentaries and series’ that lost their way, serving only to remind you just how many hours you wasted on Iron Fist five years ago. As all-powerful as Netflix’s algorithm may be, a bit of user control definitely won’t go amiss.


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  • skalamanga
    It's ridiculous that things stay in the continue watching list unless you watch to the end of the credits.

    What is also ridiculous is that I can't hide content I've already watched or that I am really not interested in watching.

    I'd really like to see Netflix, Amazon, Disney et al, offer API access to their services so I can scrape them for the content I want with my media player of choice.