Yamaha rolls-out midrange two-channel kit and DAB/iPod micro

Yamaha CD-S700

The CD-S700 is a CD player (pictured) complete with front-mounted USB port that's compatible with MP3 and WMA music files straight off a USB stick (or from a CD-R/RW).

The player uses a number of trickle-down technologies from the more expensive CD-S2000 and CD-S1000, such as the 'Silent Loader' disc tray for quiet operation and improvements to the software that aim to reduce noise in operation.

Elsewhere there's a differential D/A converter, a Burr Brown 192kHz/24-bit DAC and a symetrically laid out audio board. Independent power circuits should eliminate interference, while it's finished with an aluminum front panel.

Coming complete with a remote control, the CD-S700 should retail at around £350.

Integrated amp matches the CD player
Yamaha would naturally like you to choose the A-S700 integrated amplifier as the perfect partner for the CD-S700 CD player.

The amp uses Yamaha's own ToP-ART amplifier design technology, with left and right channels kept distinct and symmetrical for highest signal purity.

Custom-made transformers and capacitors are supported by Yamaha's ART (anti-resonance and tough) base bottom chassis for solid support and vibration damping.

Features such as pure direct, CD direct amplification and tone controls are all on board, too. The amp boasts a maximum of 140 watts per channel and is expected to sell for around £450.

Last but not least, the M430 micro component system. The system comprises the CRX-M430 unit and the NNX-E700 loudspeakers.

The main unit has a two-channel 25-watt output, integrated iPod dock, DAB/FM/AM tuners and of course a CD player. MP3 and WMA files are supported, too, while there's also a remote control.

The M430 system will retail for around £300.