Wireless power-sharing between iPhones possibly just got a little bit closer

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A new patent application by Apple suggests a new charging feature could be coming to future iPhones. Wireless power sharing, or reverse wireless charging as it is commonly known, allows you to use your phone as a wireless charging pad to charge another phone or wireless earphones. It's been available on some Android handsets for a while now but this would be a first for Apple.

The patent, reported by Patently Apple, shows a clear diagram of back-to-back wireless charging with two iPhones, with references also suggesting that this wireless power-sharing system will also be able to charge AirPods, Apple Watches and more. It’s likely that Apple is submitting this patent now, ready for the iPhone 15 (speculatively titled) which should launch next year. Samsung introduced wireless power-sharing back in 2019 with the Galaxy S10 series, so is this feature too little too late for Apple?

Perhaps not; Apple’s ecosystem appears to be in perfect shape for wireless power sharing. With the iPhone’s MagSafe system begging to be used for more than just cases and wallets and with AirPods adopting wireless charging cases across the range, it makes perfect sense for Apple to incorporate this technology into its upcoming iPhone line-up. Diagrams of the patent make specific references to magnets playing a crucial role in the wireless power-sharing system, so there's potential for a secure, magnet-guided system for more direct and accurate placement, rather than the awkward shuffling to find the right spot that happens with other wireless chargers.

With the iPhone 14 only just hitting shelves, it may be too early to confirm any features coming to next year’s iPhone 15, however thanks to new patents like this we can start building a picture of what we might be able to reasonably expect from the 2023 iPhone range.


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