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VPI has 'taken a break on turntables' to manufacture free hand sanitiser

(Image credit: VPI)

High-end stateside turntable brand VPI announced its beautiful new VPI Vanquish less than three weeks ago and with models like the Prime and Prime Signature decks gaining five stars (and even a Temptations award) from us, naturally we took notice.

Now, the family-run firm has temporarily downed tools on deck production and repurposed its factory to produce something else entirely: hand sanitiser. On its Facebook group last Friday, VPI Industries announced:

"VPI has taken a break on turntables and we have started producing hand sanitizer to help in the fight against COVID-19. We will be nationally providing it free of charge and will soon have information about it on our website. Any NJ residents can contact us if they are in need of sanitizer. Everyone be safe and careful!"

The company has even offered to leave its new product outside the New Jersey factory for locals, if they message ahead. VPI asked followers to email and told one customer in need: "your money for hand sanitizer is no good here". 

When asked how this decision came to fruition, VPI responded on Facebook, "We make our own record cleaning machine fluid and the original idea came from a customer who couldn't get sanitizer and made a joke about how they can use their cleaning machine fluid. That got us thinking that we should help everyone by making our own."

In unprecedented times, one high-end audio company has done an unprecedented thing. Bravo. 


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  • Babyboomerxyz
    Bravo to the staff and management of VPI for using its related knowledge & resources to help in a crisis! Warms my hear to read this article. It's not all always about business and making money. By the way I am from Singapore. You people at VPI have a BIG HEART! God bless you!
  • djh1697
    I don't know about elsewhere but HiFi dealers have had to close in the UK due to sweeping powers by the UK government