Vivaldi One by dCS - yours for £66,000 (including 24-karat gold plate)

As part of its celebration of its 30th anniversary dCS is releasing 250 of a new limited edition digital music player, the Vivaldi One.

Combining a CD/SACD transport, Ring DAC, upsampler, and network streamer in one box, the Vivaldi One is capable of playing PCM input up to 24-bit/384kS/s, DSD files up to DSD128, or in a DoP (DSD over PCM).

That last one’s a format invented by dCS in 2011 to packet DSD data as PCM and make it transferable over 24/192kHz USB, AES, and S/PDIF digital inputs interfaces.

For wireless playing, the Vivaldi One can stream music from NAS drives, or online streaming services like Tidal or Spotify - Spotify Connect over Ethernet. For Apple devices, the One has support for Airplay too.

But what might set the Vivaldi One apart from other players is how it looks – or rather, how you could make it look.

The standard black and silver finish will set you back £55,000, but for between £2500 and £11,000 you can get a rhodium, nickel, and chrome finish (the price depends on the finish) while the full £11,000 will get you the 24-carat gold plating pictured above.

If you want to get your hands on one, it’s available this month, having made its debut in May at the Munich High End Show.

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