Virgin rolls out new 'Collections' TiVo and broadband bundles

Virgin TiVo

Not content with completing the rollout of its super-fast 100Mb broadband service, Virgin Media has today announced a series of new bundles combining its TiVo smart TV box and fibre-optic broadband.

Called 'Collections', there are three tiers:

Essential: TiVo (500GB) + M+ TV pack (6 HD channels) + 30Mb broadband £25/month

Premiere: TiVo (500GB) + V HD box + XL TV pack (23 HD channels) + 60Mb broadband + six months free Spotify £45/month + ESPN HD

VIP: TiVo (1TB0 + TiVo (500GB) + XL TV pack (36 HD channels) + 100Mb broadband + Sky Sports and Movies + ESPN HD + six months Spotify £95/month

The new Collections are available to both new and existing customers looking to update their services. Customers on the older broadband tiers such as 10Mb and 20Mb are being upgraded at no extra cost as part of Virgin Media's 'Double Speeds' programme.

Andrew Barron, chief operating officer at Virgin Media, says: "We have been leading the evolution of digital entertainment in the UK, and with services such as TiVo and 100Mb, we've catalysed a massive growth in the consumption of digital entertainment."

The 'Collections' bundles will feature in new Virgin Media TV ads featuring Richard Branson and David Tennant, due to air from primetime on March 31st.

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