Vinyl goes uber-portable with Victrola's Revolution Go and Re-Spin record players

Victrola Revolution Go record player
(Image credit: Victrola)

For many of us, Victrola is a name synonymous with Memphis and dancing to Jimmy Rogers, in the song Black Velvet (thank you, Alannah Myles. Just, thank you) but for CES 2022, Victrola is coming to Vegas to showcase two new record players. 

Revolution Go is, says Victrola, the world’s first portable, rechargeable, Bluetooth record player, while Re-Spin is an all-new deck that champions the mantra 'reduce, recycle, reimagine' to boast a gloriously retro design coupled with quality sound and sustainability. 

First, the Revolution Go (pictured, above and below). Vinyl lovers can now experience their favourite records on the fly thanks to Revolution Go’s built-in rechargeable battery that boasts up to 12 hours of continuous use. The record player is accompanied by a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which features stereo sound and a passive bass radiator, plus an anti-vibration enclosure to promote crystal clear audio without the fear of your record skipping.

Victrola Revolution Go

(Image credit: Victrola)

You can pack up and head to the park, beach, or anywhere else with Revolution Go's ultimate portability, which includes a folding handle and guitar strap for over-the-shoulder hands-free travel, plus a removable dust cover that doubles as a record holder, displaying up to five albums. 

If you're worried that gaining portability means compromising on sound quality, it's worth noting that Victrola's partnership with Audio-Technica continues here – Revolution Go comes loaded with an AT-3600LA moving magnetic cartridge.

Want to outsource your sound? Victrola has also incorporated Vinyl Stream into Revolution Go, a technology that allows records to be streamed to any external Bluetooth speaker.

Along with the anti-vibration technology, a silicone slip mat is included to provide another level of protection against vinyl scratches, and any listeners seeking external audio sources can plug their favourite headphones into the ⅛” headphone jack, or stereo speakers with the included RCA ports.

Victrola Re-Spin in all colourways

(Image credit: Victrola)

Now, the brand new Victrola Re-Spin. At first glance, its retro-styled aesthetic reimagines the suitcase record player, albeit with an upgraded internal speaker. But much like a great album, Victrola says the story behind the Re-Spin involves a commitment – in this case to eco-friendly practices and to facilitate lifelong music memories for everyone. 

Once in production, Victrola plans to reduce Re-Spin by more than 20 per cent in size and weight compared to traditional suitcase record players. The company has also gone eco-friendly with the packaging, which will be 100 per cent recyclable and also smaller in size to help reduce the overall carbon footprint – a retro-inspired record player of the future, if you will.

Victrola Re-Spin in red

(Image credit: Victrola)

In addition to its sustainability-friendly construction, the Re-Spin also features Victrola’s new anti-vibration speaker enclosure technology. First introduced in two CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree products, Victrola’s dual-speaker enclosure promises an enhanced sound performance while eliminating vibrations for a skip-free vinyl listening experience that older suitcase record players could not deliver.

Re-Spin listeners will also enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, including streaming music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, or by Vinyl Stream, the tech that allows records to be streamed from Re-Spin to any external Bluetooth speaker. Victrola has also incorporated a ⅛” headphone jack, RCA ports and an internal pre-amp for home stereo listening.

Victrola's Revolution Go is available now, priced $200 / £199 / €249 (roughly AU$279) in black or blue, but new colourways will launch in Spring 2022 and will include slate (grey), citrus (orange/yellow), light blue, pink, green and yellow.

Victrola Re-Spin will be available from July 2022 for just $100 / £99 / €129 (around AU$139) in blue, green, grey and red.


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