UPDATE: Pure adds Picasa photo app to Sensia DAB/internet radio

Pure Sensia

Pure has announced the fourth app to hit the company's 'radio for the Facebook generation', the Sensia. Picasa, the free photo editing and sharing software from Google, is now just a touch away.

The Picasa app on Sensia allows users to view photos that they have uploaded to albums on the Picasa site without the need to switch on their computer.

Users can log into their Picasa account on Sensia and view a slideshow of their photos from a list of albums either on Sensia's visual panel or full screen.

Captions can be overlaid and the timing of the slideshow can be controlled and paused. And if you get stuck, there's a help section which explains how to use it.

Picasa is the fourth app on Sensia adding to Twitter, Facebook and weather and is available now through a free software download. For more information, visit the Pure website or call 0845 1489001.

Published 17/09/2009:

We've got a world exclusive for you this morning. As you read this, Pure will be unveiling its new 21st Century Sensia DAB/internet touchscreen radio to the world's press in central London.

But we've had top-secret access to Pure's development team and filmed a 'hands-on' news video at our offices a few days ago, which you can watch here.

So visitors to whathifi.com will be the first to see this exciting new product in action even before it hits the shops next month.

The highlight of the £250 Sensia is an iPod-style 5.7in touchscreen allowing you to access a whole range of clever functions, including Apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

We don't want to give too much away, so head on over to our video channel where you can see our world exclusive video in full.

And there's even more information in the November issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, on sale now.

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