UPDATE: Pioneer lines up five-strong Kodo iPod dock range

Pioneer XW-NAC3

Pioneer has today announced that its new range of iPod docks (see below) will be branded 'Kodo', which is apparently derived from the Japanese word for heartbeat, "the central source of beat and rhythm".

The Kodo range of docks will include models such as the XW-NAC3, XW-NAC1, XW-NAV1 and XW-NAS5.

All Kodo models are compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch.

Published 12/05/10

New products are coming thick and fast from Pioneer, and building on the success of last year's XW-NAS5, it's lined up five new iPod docks for 2010.

They range in price from £199-£350, and some include Bluetooth for music streaming from portable devices, DLNA certification, internet radio and one even has a DVD/CD player built in.

The XW-NAC3 (£350) and NXW-NAC1 ("under £300") are equipped with docking stations for two iPods or iPhones so, using the 'shuffle' function, music can be played back from both of the docked devices at random.

Both models are Bluetooth-enabled too, and incorporate Pioneer's proprietary Sound Retriever AIR technology, designed to overcome the effects of Bluetooth compression on sound quality.

The XW-NAC3 also includes internet radio reception via the Vtuner portal, USB connectivity, DLNA certification and a multiline display.

For those who want video capability with their dock, the XW-NAV1 (£249) has a built-in CD/DVD drive with 1080p upscaling via HDMI, an FM radio, USB connectivity and iPod video/photo playback (via composite connection).

The NAC1 and NAC3 models will be available in June, the XW-NAV1 in July.

Two additional models, the the wall-mountable XW-NAW1 (£199) and the more upmarket XW-NAM1 (£350), will arrive in September and October respectively.

For full details of Pioneer's 2010 range, see our blog

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