UPDATE: KEF announces more KHT surround speaker range price-cuts


The latest reductions affect the individual components of the KHT system:

The HTS3001SE satellites are now £250, down from £300/pr

HTC3001 centre speaker is now £200, from £250

HTB2SE subwoofer now £500, from £650

HTB2SE-W subwoofer now £600, down from £750

KEF has also reduced the price of the HTS5001.2 satellite to £180 each, from £250 apiece

POSTED 07.11.09: It's no secret we've long been fans of KEF's KHT range of stylish home cinema speakers – indeed, the KHT3005SE system was our Product of the Year style speaker package in 2008 – but a round of price hikes earlier this year had, frankly, made them uncompetitive.

Now it seems KEF has been listening hard to us and its customers, and has decided to reduce its prices back to their original levels.

So from November 9th, the KHT range will be priced as follows:

KHT3005SE £999.99 (was £1199.99)

KHT3005SE-W £1099.99 (was £1299.99)

KHT5005.2 £1299.99 (was £1499.99)

KHT7005 £799.99 (was £899.99)

KHT8005 £999.99 (was £1099.99)

"We always listen to consumer feedback and try to be proactive in changing market conditions," says KEF Audio's UK sales manager, Nick Bryant.

"With the exchange rates continuing to stabilise, we now have the opportunity to pass on a significant reduction on the suggested retail price on some of KEF's most popular products."

The recently introduced KHT2005.3-KI and KHT3005SE-K2 packages, which were £700 and £1000 respectively, are discontinued. The original KHT2005.3 system remains at its current price of £800.

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