TV market will be 90% 'connected TVs' by 2014

That's the view of John Bird, principal consultant, Furturesource consulting, speaking today at the the Digital TV Group's 2011 Summit.

'Continuity and Change' is the theme for the day, and while the current market share for connected TVs is around 25%, research predicts that will rise to around 90% by 2014.

Branded video services such as LoveFilm and BBC iPlayer, and Netflix in the US, are seen as key to driving demand, backed by apps and other catch-up TV services.

Right now, however, high definition remains the key force for driving TV sales, with 7.5 million homes now receiving HD content, thanks in no small part, according to Bird, by Sky HD's output.

Around 1.5 million Freeview HD devices have been sold, alongside around 1.3 million Freesat HD machines.

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