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Free record cleaner with every Pro-Ject X1 or X2 turntable

Free record cleaner with every Pro-Ject X1 or X2 turntable
(Image credit: Henley Audio)

If you're looking for a new midrange turntable to spin your vinyl collection on during these dark (albeit hi-fi listening-friendly) days, you may be interested in this Pro-Ject deal.

Pro-Ject distributor Henley Audio is currently running a promotion that offers UK and Ireland customers a free Spin Clean Record Washer System Mk II (opens in new tab) (worth £90) with every purchase of a Pro-Ject X1 (opens in new tab) or X2 (opens in new tab) turntable.

The 2019-launched X1 (£699) is the latest generation of the Austrian brand’s debut deck, the P1, with an Ortofon MM cartridge, carbon/aluminium sandwich tonearm, acrylic platter and Connect-IT E RCA cables. The bigger and heavier X2 (£999), meanwhile, is essentially a next-gen Pro-Ject P2 deck with an improved tonearm, new drive system, Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge and Connect-IT E RCA cables.

While the design of those renowned predecessors, plus recent Pro-Ject's recent form, would suggest the X1 and X2 are (at least) pretty decent decks, know that we haven't yet gone twelve rounds with either.

And what of the freebie? Well, the Spin Clean Record Washer System Mk II uses brushes to scrub both sides of the record simultaneously, with the fluid working to pull dirt off the record and down to the bottom of the tank. We haven’t taken this record cleaner for a, er, spin ourselves, but Amazon customer reviews are positive.

The offer, which doesn’t have a set expiry date as such, is only available on new product (no B-Stock, Ex-Demo or Graded products) purchased through authorised Pro-Ject Audio Systems dealers, supplied by Henley Audio, or direct from Henley Audio.


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