Triangle launches Anniversary and Color speaker ranges

Triangle Color

Also new from the French company is the Color range, a range of speakers that incudes a floorstander, bookshelf and centre channel.

The limited edition versions of the Antal and Comète speakers feature a real black piano lacquered finish alongside a new TZ2500 tweeter with a solid aluminium horn.

The floorstanding Antal limited edition stands just over a metre high, with a 3-way/bass reflex driver array.

If a bookshelf speaker is more to your fancy, then the Comète has a 2-way/bass reflex design and stnads at a more manageable 42cms tall.

Joining these fresh incarnations of old favourites is the brand new Color range. Yours in a luminous, lacquered piano type finish, all the speakers are available in red, black or white.

Two 16cm bass drivers deliver weight to the floorstanding model, while the bookshelf Color speaker boasts a titanium tweeter and stands 29cms high.

The last piece in the Color jigsaw is a centre channel, giving you a complete 5.1-speaker system.

You'll find a First Test of the Comète Anniversary speakers, £949, in our December issue, out November 11th. We'll let you know prices of the Color range just as soon as we have them.

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