This is the PlayStation VR2 headset

Sony PS VR 2 headset first images
(Image credit: Sony)

Sony has released the first pictures of its next-generation virtual reality headset, the Playstation VR2. 

The black and white look is very much in keeping with the PS5, while the new slimline design is said to be based on "extensive testing to ensure a comfortable feel for a variety of head sizes".

A new air vent promises to prevent the lens fogging up while players are immersed in VR worlds, and a new lens adjustment dial gives users the option to match the lens distance between their eyes to optimize their view.

The company's designers have even included an arty "treat" for PlayStation fans: scores of tiny textured PlayStation icons hidden on the front and back bands of the headset. 

Sony had previously announced that the PS VR2 will feature cutting-edge screen tech, including 4K OLED screens equipped with HDR and 90Hz/120Hz refresh rates.

New sensory features are said to use haptic feedback to amplify "the sensations of in-game actions" by vibrating like the DualSense controller. Get shot in the game, and your headset should vibrate to let you know you've taken a hit.

Sony PS VR 2 headset from above

(Image credit: Sony)

Last but not least, new PS VR2 eye tracking lets you carry out certain game actions with just a look. You could reload your weapon just by glancing at your stash of ammo, for example.

Sony has become increasingly focused on virtual reality of late, to the extent of handing out free VR games to PlayStation Plus members. It's also announced an exclusive game for PS VR2 called Horizon Call Of The Mountain (a spinoff of PlayStation's hugely popular Horizon series).

The Japanese giant has yet to reveal the PS VR2 release date or price, but the original PlayStation VR headset debuted at £349/ $399 / AU$549.


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