This is the 4K video we should all watch this Christmas

This is the 4K video we all need to watch this Christmas
(Image credit: Sony Entertainment)

The year’s 2019 and we now have so much 4K material across streaming services and Blu-ray discs that we no longer need to watch two-minute nature clips on YouTube to satisfy our pixel-craving (no, we don’t miss those days either). But YouTube still offers up some glorious Ultra HD delights, such as this one: Wham!’s Last Christmas music video, remastered in 4K (as spotted by The Verge).

Yes, the Christmas hit that’s on everyone’s lips this time of year has been given the 4K treatment by Sony Entertainment – 35 years after it was first viewed on our CRT television sets. Nobody asked for it, but it's here. And, as you can see below, on a 4K display it's a sight to behold.

As one YouTube user commented, "the quality is so good, [it] looks like people in 2019 trying to dress like people in the 80s!" – and we have to agree. Just look at the texture of George Michael's mane as it bounces away, and the clarity of those shell suits and shoulder pads. Indeed, the true power of the superior resolution is even forgiving of that overly soft glow.

OK so it's not very '80s, but if it means Wham! lives on then that's fine with us.

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  • What Hi-Fi? said:
    It’s Wham!’s Last Christmas remastered (you're welcome), and it’s the pixel-packing throwback you didn’t know you needed.

    This is the 4K video we should all watch this Christmas : Read more
    Wham bam no thank you mam!
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    gel said:
    Wham bam no thank you mam!
    Couldn't agree more.