There's a Philips 8K OLED TV on the way

There's a Philips 8K OLED TV on the way
(Image credit: 8K Association)

You could be forgiven for thinking that Philips has no interest in 8K, seeing as it's one of the only manufacturers yet to announce a specific 8K model. It does, though, have one in the pipeline - and we've seen it, very briefly, in action.

The only confirmed details are that it's an 88in OLED. There's no model number, price, technical specification or release date, and we don't expect that to change until at least the second-half of 2020, but at least we know there's one on the way. And, let's be honest, the prospect of a TV that combines 8K, OLED and Ambilight is a tantalising one.

The very brief demo we saw has certainly whetted our appetite, with the overhead, nighttime footage of a city looking almost insanely detailed, crisp and dynamic. Of course, this is exactly the sort of clip that's made for an 8K OLED, but the pristine image was breathtaking nonetheless.

But almost as soon as it began, our 8K demo was over. We'll keep chasing Philips for more info and will report back when we have something, but don't expect a Philips 8K TV to appear until at least the end of the year.


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