Xgimi looks set to announce the Horizon Ultra projector at IFA 2023

Xgimi Horizon Ultra Long-Throw Projector
(Image credit: Xgimi)

A new projector called Horizon Ultra is on the way from Xgimi. How do we know? Because a picture of it and a countdown to its full unveiling have been placed slap-bang on the Xgimi website.

Details are thin on the ground but we can glean some info from the image itself. Firstly, this is clearly a long-throw projector (rather than an ultra short-throw, or 'UST') affair, with the fairly stylish, boxy design suggesting that it's specifically intended for placement on a coffee table in front of the sofa.

We can also clearly see a '4K' symbol next to the projector lens, but whether this will be a 'true' 4K projector rather than one that uses pixel-shifting in order to generate a 4K image remains to be seen. The logos next to the '4K' might tell us but they're a bit too blurry for us to make out. Certainly, we'd expect this to be a pixel-shifting design, given that was true of the Horizon Pro, which the Horizon Ultra presumably replaces.

Below the lens is what appears to be a large speaker grille with a Harman-Kardon badge visible on the bottom-left, so Xgimi has clearly partnered with the US audio specialist for the Horizon Pro's sound.

Beyond that, Xgimi's new projector is a bit of a mystery, but we won't have to wait long for the full details: the Horizon Pro is going to be fully unveiled at IFA 2023 on 31st August. Here's hoping it can improve on the performance of the Horizon Pro, which scored a rather disappointing 3 stars when we reviewed it in February this year.


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