Technics SU-G700M2 integrated amp brings flagship engineering to lower price

Technics SU-G700M2 amp offers flagship tech at knockdown price
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Technics has unveiled a second-generation version of its SU-G700 integrated amp. The appropriately named SU-G700M2 borrows technology from the company's reference SU-R1000, making it available at a more affordable price point. The SU-G700M2 launches alongside new models of SB-G90M2 floorstanders and SB-C600 bookshelf speakers.

The SU-G700M2 features Technics' core amp technologies, such as the JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimisation) – designed to eliminate jitter and distortion – and LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration), which works to optimise performance depending on the speaker connected. But it also has plenty more besides.

Thanks to its new selection of semiconductor parts, it claims to offer a more efficient supply of current to the power stage, for higher drivability of speakers. This technology has trickled down from the flagship SU-R1000. 

Stereo imaging and dynamic power are said to have been given a boost over the original model, too.

The MC phono input stage lets it connect to turntables with MC pickup cartridges, while the phono input phase selector offers optimised playback for older vinyl recorded with the inverted phase. Lastly, the volume and source knobs now have the aluminium "spin" texture as seen on the SU-R1000.

The SU-G700 will be available from next month, priced £2199 (about AU$4000) – considerably cheaper than the SU-R1000's price tag of £6999 (about AU$12,000), then.

Technics SB-G90M2 floorstanders

Technics SB-G90M2

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The SB-90M2 floorstanders follow the G90. Like its predecessor, it's a three-way bass reflex speaker pair: a 2-way coaxial driver combines a 25mm dome with a 160mm aluminium midrange cone, accompanied by two 160mm aluminium subwoofers.

So what's new? The M2 version has a reworked coaxial driver unit diaphragm, which promises reduced resonance and a more natural midrange with less distortion. The tweeter should also sound more natural due to the new Linear Phase Plug, which aims to eliminate phase disturbance.

The inner speaker mount baffle (onto which the woofers are mounted) has been extended, too, allowing vibrations to escape to the ground rather than being absorbed by the cabinet. And the cabinet's inner stiffening structure has been redesigned in the lower part to eliminate standing waves.

Oh, and it's now bi-wired too.

The Technics SB-90M2 will also go on sale from next month, priced £2199 (about AU$4000).

Technics SB-C600 standmounts

Technics SB-C600

(Image credit: Technics)

The SB-C600 is essentially a shrunken, bookshelf version of the G90M2. It's been through the same process to optimise drivers, elements and enclosure structures in an effort to reduce unwanted vibrations and distortions and consequently improve clarity. Its phase precision driver emulates that of the G90M2's, with a 15cm woofer paired with a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter.

It features the same distortion-eliminating technologies as its bigger brother, and its front port design has been optimised to eliminate any ventilating noise.

The Technics SB-C600 cost £799 (about AU$1400) and go on sale in November.


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