TEAC's high-end DAC/preamplifier shoots for mighty sound in a compact package

TEAC UD-507 in silver and in black
(Image credit: TEAC)

High-end Japanese brand TEAC has announced the arrival of the UD-507, a DAC-cum-preamplifier-cum-headphone amp which aims for a crystal clear sound reproduction in a versatile, compact desktop unit that TEAC describes as being roughly the size of a piece of A4 paper. 

Central to the new model is TEAC's reference DAC, designed with "musicality as the top priority" and based on the same design applied to the brand's high-end 701 Series. The new model offers a total power output of 2400mW, but users can switch the given gain between three positions (low, mid and high) to match the sensitivity and impedance of their headphones.

The UD-507 offers support for 384kHz/32bit PCM playback alongside 22.5MHz DSD and full MQA decoding. The unit's Bluetooth receiver is capable of supporting LDAC and aptX HD Bluetooth protocols, with four rear physical digital inputs (USB Type-B, USB Type C, coaxial and optical) working alongside two analogue inputs (RCA and XLR). Naturally, the UD-507 also provides twin headphone connections for using the unit as a headphone amplifier.

TEAC UD-507 rear panel on a white background

(Image credit: TEAC)

The UD-507 uses a dual monaural configuration wherein there are two circuits for each channel, preventing interference between left and right signals and, says TEAC, "reproducing music with a spacious and three-dimensional soundstage." TEAC's products aren't regulars in our test rooms, but the brand's recent VRDS-701 premium CD player wowed us with its authority, detail and sonic poise. If the UD-507 can do something similar on a smaller scale, it might end up being something special. 

According to TEAC's brand manager Jo Yoshida, "The design goal of (the UD-507's) DAC is to provide a more immersive musical experience for all listeners. Thanks to the clear soundstage and precise imaging, you will discover the breadth and articulation of your favourite artists that you never noticed before.”

The UD-507 will be available for purchase in June 2024 at a suggested retail price of $2099 (further prices pending).


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