The TN-200 features a belt-drive mechanism and a phono stage with USB output.

The USB connections means you can make digital copies of your vinyl audio by connecting the deck to a PC or Mac. You can of course just connect the TN-200 to a traditional hi-fi system via the phono and line outs and enjoy your vinyl. 

TEAC has fitted the deck with a high-performance MM cartridge which claims to “capture every detail of your record”. It also features an aluminium die-cast platter with anti-skating system, giving a “solid foundation for great-sounding playback”.

It's a belt-drive deck and there's a static balanced tone arm to complete the package.

The TEAC TN-200 is available now, priced £250.

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bemaniac's picture

Not too well built

Seen this locally. Neither me or store staff were impressed compared to rp1 and debut carbon
. It looks lovely but if you tap it its hollow and resonant.

Albion59's picture

Another ION in diguise

Don't be fooled by the TEAC brand name! Once again they did it. It is just another plastic player that will destroy your precious vinyl. Set aside some extra money or wait until you can buy a decent product. Be warned!

doubleU's picture


Buy the cheapest Pro-ject with Ortofon cell (i think= the 5e) and the sound is a lot beter + dac_24 / 48