Pinnacle nanoStick
Have you ever stayed up all night to watch the the cricket when England are in Australia? Or got up at 3am to watch football when you're in foreign climes? With the Olympics in China just around the corner, the Pinnacle PCTV nanoStick could be the solution

If you've ever found your life, whether in the UK or when on holiday, dictated by a must-see sporting event at a crazy time of day, the Pinnacle PCTV nanoStick could make life easier for you.

Aimed at sports fans, the nanoStick is simply a digital TV tuner in the form of a USB stick. Delivering digital TV straight to your PC or laptop, the pocket device also allows you to program recordings for when you just can't face a 3am wake-up call.

With time-shifting technology on board, the nanoStick also allows you to pause, rewind and restart live TV with the click of a button.

A quick search online shows the Pinnacle PCTV nanoStick is on sale now for around £40.