Sony ICF-C717PJ
New ICF-C717PJ combines AM/FM bedside alarm with display projector, input for portable player and ambient temperature readout

On sale from next month, this is Sony's latest twist on the bedside clock radio. And we mean twist: the ICF-C717PJ's side-mounted projector is adjustable to beam the time read-out onto walls or the ceiling.

There's a built-in AM/FM tuner with 30 presets, twin alarms, and a 3.5mm jack lead to connect to iPods and other portable devices. And the unit can also lull you to sleep or wake you with a choice of 'five soothing sounds from the natural world'.

At the push of a button, you can choose between 'crisp, digital recreations of the undersea world, waves, mountain brook, rainfall or birdsong to suit your mood'.

There's even a thermometer built-in, to check that your bedroom is at the best temperature for sleeping, and a battery back-up in case the power is interrupted.

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