Sony boosts AV receiver range with two new models

Sony STR-DA6400ES

The flagship STR-DA6400ES is DLNA-network enabled to enable users to stream digital content from a PC or media server to the receiver.

It can also access the internet radio service SHOUTcast, a portal offering thousands of internet radio stations from around the world, without having to turn on a PC.

All the high-definition audio formats are covered, with onboard decoding of Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master Audio and DTS High Resolution.

Other features of the 'DA-6400ES include six HDMI inputs, with one on the front, plus two HDMI outputs, all capable of supporting 1080p/24fps video, xv colour and Deep Colour from Blu-ray discs.

All audio signals, including internet radio, can be distributed to up to three rooms simultaneously, while video can be sent to a second zone and controlled via a second GUI (graphical user interface).

Sony's Digital Cinema Auto Calibration system uses a microphone to tune the receiver to your speakers, room and listening position.

STR-DH models replace STR-DG series
In Europe, there are also three new models in the budget STR-DH series, replacing the existing STR-DG models, but the UK will only get one, the STR-DH800.

The STR-DH800 is a 7.1 channel receiver with high-definition audio decoding, wireless rear speaker support using Sony's S-AIR system, and support for xv colour and Deep Colour.

You get four HDMI outputs and one HDMI input and the ability to biamplify your speakers.

In the middle of the range (and not coming to the UK), the STR-DH700, also a 7.1 design, has three HDMI inputs and one output, and also supports wireless rear speaker operation.

And the entry-level model is the 5.1 STR-DH500 with Digital Cinema Auto Calibration and a Digital Media Port for connecting a variety of portable music players.

The Sony STR-DA6400ES will be available in the UK from July, the STR-DH800 from May