Sony announces UK prices for 4K Ultra HD TVs

Sony X9000A 4K TV

Update 07.09.13

Sony confirmed to at IFA 2013 that its X9 series of 4K TVs will get a firmware upgrade over the internet to make them compatible with the new HDMI 2.0 standard.

Published 15.05.13

Sony has announced that its 55in and 65in Bravia X9 4K LCD/LED TVs will sell in the UK for £4000 and £6000 respectively.

Both models are available to pre-order today from and they'll be stocked in Sony Centres, John Lewis and Currys from mid June.

We've already published our hands-on review of the larger Sony KD-84X9005 model which is already on sale for £25,000. The KD-65X9005 and KD-55X9005 are intended to bring 4K tech – which delivers pictures with four times the resolution of Full HD (3840 x 2160) – down to a more affordable level.

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The smaller 4K Ultra HD TVs were first announced at CES in January. The X9000A range uses the latest Sony 4K X-Reality Pro and X-Reality Pro processing engines, to deliver 4K content and upscaled Full HD content on the 4K screens.

The sets also feature Triluminos displays, passive 3D, Motionflow XR 800Hz processing, magnetic fluid speakers and S-Force surround 3D.

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You can also connect wirelessly to the TV via NFC (Near Field Communication) using compatible Xperia smartphones and tablets. Content on your portable such as photos, videos, games and apps will be 'mirrored' on the TV.

By Andy Clough

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