Sonus Faber and Maserati collaborate for MC20 supercar audio system

Sonus Faber and Maserati collaborate for MC 20 supercar audio system
(Image credit: Sonus Faber/Maserati)

Only last month we were talking about Sonus Faber's new car audio partnership with Alps Alpine and now the covers have been taken off the first car to carry a Sonus Faber sound system since that announcement.

The Italian speaker manufacturer has teamed up Maserati, another Italian brand with its own impressive history to supply the sound system for its upcoming MC20 supercar.

Sonus Faber for Maserati MC20 features a 695-watt amplifier that powers 12 channels and 12 speakers. The system consists of five tweeters, five midrange drivers and two 60W woofers.

The system's creators have gone for a "natural sound', that mirrors the audio you get from its traditional stereo speakers, hence the use of silk dome tweeters throughout the set-up.

Special tuning has been done to make sure the system includes the signature 'Voice of Sonus Faber' sound. This is achieved by optimising the phase and amplitude alignment between midrange and tweeter to get the desired timbre of sound from the speakers. The news from Sonus Faber comes just days after McIntosh revealed that its first in-car audio system in two decades will be in a Jeep.


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