Sonos' next flagship speaker will boast Bluetooth and Dolby Atmos support

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Sonos’ upcoming flagship speaker, currently codenamed Optimo 2, is set to have a comprehensive set of connectivity options and a brand new speaker arrangement. 

Encased in a new-look shell, as seen in a render posted by The Verge, it's claimed multiple drivers will fire in various directions between the front grille and backplate, with the intention of creating a more spacious sound. Following on from this, the report also claims it will support Dolby Atmos audio.

The Optimo 2 looks similar in stature to the Sonos Five / Play:5 in size and is expected to come in Sonos’s traditional colourways of black and white, although we’re hoping that Sonos takes inspiration from its more colourful Roam speaker. It's also set to feature much more powerful internals than other Sonos speakers, with The Verge suggesting (via people close to the product), that it will have twice the RAM and eight times more flash memory than any of its predecessors.

Sonos also looks to be making strides in connectivity, with both Wi-Fi streaming and Bluetooth options being included on the Optimo 2. Wi-Fi streaming will presumably stem from the Sonos app as well as Apple AirPlay if previous Sonos speakers are anything to go by. Sonos is also rumoured to be considering a wired audio connection via USB-C, making this the first Sonos speaker with a wired audio input since the Five (although that used a more conventional 3.5mm audio jack). As with many other Sonos speakers, the Optimo 2 will feature microphones to interact with voice assistants including Sonos Voice Control.

But what is Optimo 2 without Optimo 1? The Verge reports that the Optimo 2 is just one of three new speakers which also includes the Optimo 1 and Optimo 1 SL. These speakers should be similar, but the SL variant will forgo the mics and disable voice assistants much like the Sonos One SL and Roam SL. It looks like the Optimo 2 will look to take the place of the Sonos Five, whereas the Optimo 1 series will be akin to the Sonos One and One SL.

These speakers, alongside the much rumoured and now delayed Sub Mini, are apparently part of a major software platform update for Sonos which should bring updated functionality. The new Optimo line may also serve as a home cinema set-up, with the Optimo 2 serving as a centre channel and the Optimo 1 performing as satellite speakers. Are you excited for Sonos’ next generation of wireless speakers?


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