Sonos’ Move 2 wireless speaker rumoured to be arriving in the summer of 2023

Sonos Move
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There have been speculations that a second-generation Move might be on the way pretty much ever since Sonos announced its new Era range of wireless smart speakers, the Era 100 and the Era 300. We’d sniffed out little hints of a potential Move 2 when the Era news first leaked but struggled for concrete details, but thanks to news emerging via The Verge, the picture does seem to be getting just a little bit clearer about when, and in what form, we could see in the new second generation speaker.

We initially predicted that, with the Era now officially launched, the Move 2 couldn’t be far behind, with summer touted as the logical time to release portable speakers when the weather’s good and people are getting out and about. This seems to corroborate with The Verge’s insider assessment that the Move 2 is scheduled for release during the second half of 2023, somewhere between late summer and early autumn.

When it came to predicting design, however, things were a little more up in the air. The Verge predicts the Move 2 will ape its predecessor’s bulky form and shape (no surprise there), although it will improve on the old model by supporting Bluetooth and wi-fi playback without making you manually switch back and forth between the two.

The Era 300 and 100 have been notable for offering line-in playback via USB-C and adapter, and we can expect the same from the second-generation Move, predicts The Verge. That same USB-C port could also be used for charging on the Move 2, although the wireless, charging-base option will likely remain. 

That’s not all. The Move was compatible with Sonos’ updated S2 software and its older S1 platform, but it seems the Move 2 will be S2-only. There may also be the chance to get battery replacement kits for the second-generation Move model as Sonos, like many other audio manufacturers, looks to improve its brand sustainability.

With the Era range soon available on the mainstream market (it goes on sale on 28th March), there’s no doubt that the California-based brand will be turning its attention to the next product in the Sonos stable. Sonos’ announcement last year that it would be innovating in four new product categories clearly demonstrates a desire to diversify its portfolio of products, but we imagine the Move 2 is still a major priority given the first-generation model’s warm reception. With summer fast approaching, a new-generation portable can’t be far behind…


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