Sonos expands its Architectural range with new 8" In-Ceiling Speaker

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Sonos may have big plans for 2024 on the consumer side of its business, but it’s keeping an eye on the professional and custom-install markets too, with the announcement of a new addition to its Architectural line.

The new 8” In-Ceiling Speaker joins the specialist range, aimed at those looking to get a bit more serious about their home’s sound, with in-ceiling and in-wall speaker designs.

Designed and tuned by Sonos and custom-built by Sonance, it joins the smaller 6-inch version already available, giving installers more options for sizing when planning and building a system.

The 8” In-Ceiling Speaker features a larger 20cm woofer and high-excursion motor for smooth midrange, deeper, more powerful bass and a wider 100-degree listening area. 

A 30mm tweeter and newly optimised waveguide also ensures natural-sounding vocals and improved high-frequency dispersion throughout the room.

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The white steel magnetic grille that sits over the top and sits flush with the ceiling is identical to the one on the 6-inch version, allowing them to be used seamlessly and discreetly together in the same space, should you wish.

Unlike Sonos' popular wireless speakers, the in-ceiling speakers are passive so will require an amp to run them. Helpfully, Sonos has the Sonos Amp within the Architectural line, which should make a perfect pairing for these speakers. In fact, it will even unlock more benefits, including overdrive protection and custom-tuning enhancements for a fuller sound and balanced frequency response.

The speaker also benefits from Trueplay tuning, just like its wireless speaker siblings, which will automatically tune the sound to the room it is playing in.

Users will control playback using the same Sonos app as other kit from the company, meaning the 8” In-Ceiling Speaker can slot right into a current Sonos multi-room setup, or form the basis of one for the future. There’s AirPlay 2 streaming available too, of course.

The 8” In-Ceiling Speaker will be available in the Spring and will cost £999 / $999 / AU$1599 per pair.


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