Sonos Ace wireless headphones leaked – this is what they look like

Sonos Ace on a white, watermarked background
(Image credit: Schuurman)

The rumour mill has been churning out Sonos wireless headphones reports for the best part of four years, with the most recent leaks suggesting that the multi-room mogul's first pair of headphones would finally break cover in the coming weeks. Today, that imminence seems all the more likely due to an apparent website blunder letting slip the model's name and aesthetic.

German Sonos parts dealer Schuurman reportedly listed the 'Sonos Ace' headphones alongside the images you see above and below. The listing has been removed, but not before Reddit user r/Sonos could publish the leak, spotted by The Verge. The user also found a mention of the unconfirmed headphones being available to pre-order on the Sonos website.

So what do we know about the upcoming Sonos headphones? If the leak is legit, as it certainly appears to be, we have a name – Ace; a design – sleek, black, ovular and, dare we say, a little AirPods Max-like; and the accessories coming in the box – storage cases for the headphones and cables, plus USB-C-to-USB-C and 3.5mm-to-USB-C cables. Another (now disappeared) Schuurman listing for 'replacement ear cushions' seems to all but confirm design nods to sustainability, too.

Nothing about this 'reveal' strikes us as disappointing in the least, with their svelte, minimalist form and polished matte finish certainly looking the part from the images. The inclusions of a 3.5mm cable and sturdy-looking case are good news too (eh, Apple?). And hey, we even like the name; it's pretty... cool.

Sonos Ace with accessories on a white, watermarked background

(Image credit: Schuurman)

There are plenty of remaining beans for Sonos to spill when it is ready (unless, of course, yet another leak beats them to it), but thanks to scrupulous Sonos headphone leaks in recent months we have an idea of what else to expect. Chief among our expectations is a lofty price tag – one not far from that attached to the Bose QuietComfort Ultra and AirPods Max, around the $400-500 mark.

Among their headline features will likely be active noise cancellation and a unique Swap feature, as seen on the Roam, that will allow owners to easily 'hand off' the music playing through them to a Sonos speaker. Will next-gen Bluetooth codec support or wi-fi playback be part of the parcel? Considering Sonos's CEO confirmed only weeks ago that it was on schedule to launch a brand-new product type before the end of June, we shouldn't have to wait long to find out.


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