SHOW NEWS: Cyrus unveils three new CD players

Cyrus has announced ‘SE’ editions of its CD players – no, not ‘Special Edition,’ but Servo Evolution – a new system that boldly claims to offer “a major advance in hi-fi CD quality".

We’ll investigate that in our forthcoming tests, but for now, what’s attracting even more attention is Cyrus’s switch from a disc-drawer design to a slot-loading mechanism.

The first three models – the £700 CD6 SE and £1000 CD8 SE CD players, plus £850 CD Xt SE CD transport – will be available from this month, and will be previewed in the Beaujolais suite at the What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision Show from tomorrow.

Full tech-specs of the players have yet to be released, but we’ll be winkling them out of Cyrus tomorrow, and in the meantime there’s a longer explanation of Servo Evolution here.

Watch this space for an update….

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