Sennheiser IE7
Headphone specialist Sennheiser is targeting the 'high-end, in-ear canal' market with three new models in its IE range, from £120-£250

Just when you thought Sennheiser couldn't possibly find another niche to fill in the headphone market, up pops a press release announcing its move into the "high-end, in-ear canal" headphones sector.

Based on Sennheiser's professional in-ear stage monitors, these new consumer ear-canal headphones are designed to deliver effective noise isolation and top-notch sound.

Apparently the single-driver design eliminates the distortions found in multiple-driver models, and isolation from external noise is 20-26dB, depending on which model you choose.

There are three models in the range: the £120 IE 6 hi-fi model with enhanced bass; the £170 IE 7 classic hi-fi model (pictured); and the £250 IE8 enthusiast model.

All three come with a mix of different types and sizes of ear adapter to provide a custom fit and seal out ambient noise. And each headphone is equipped with a case, small cleaning tool and a cable clip.

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