Save up to £1100 on Rega, Denon, Sennheiser and more at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show

Marantz NR1200 network receiver
(Image credit: Marantz)

This weekend is the Bristol Hi-Fi Show and as always there are a range of special deals on offer for products bought at the show.

Brands including Acoustic Energy, Marantz, Rotel, Sennheiser and Triangle are offering special savings that are only available to show attendees this weekend.

Read on for the pick of the best deals and head down to the Marriott City Centre Hotel in Bristol between 10am and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday to take advantage. You can find all the show details and the latest product news, on our Bristol Hi-Fi Show page.

Acoustic Energy

Up to 26% off audio bundles purchased at the show


38% off Cyrus Soundbuds, save £19, now £30


AVR-X2800H AV receiver - was £869, now £695


Clear MG headphones - was £1399, now £1199

Celeste headphones - £999, now £799

Aria 936 K2 speakers - was £3699, now £2799

Aria 926K2 speakers - was £2799, now £1999

HiFi Racks

20% off all products purchased at the show

IsoAcoustics (SCV)

Up to 20% off GAIA/OREA/ZAZEN/APERTA (except accessories like carpet discs)


33% Off NR1200 network receiver


28% Off Elex-R amplifier (only 15 available) - was £1045, now £750

RX5 speakers in Cherry - was £1699, now £599

RX1 speakers in Cherry - was £799, now £299


17% Off T Zero subwoofer


35% Off Genese Trio speakers - was £1400, now £900

35% Off Genese Quartet speakers - was £2700, now £1800

35% Off Genese Lyrr speakers - was £3100, now £2000


20% Off CD14mk2/A14mk2 bundle - was £1998, now £1598


20% Off MRX speakers in Soft Grey - was £419, now £336


20% Off all products purchased at the show

Ambeo Plus soundbar - was £1299, now £1039

Momentum True Wireless 3 earbuds - was £220, now £176

Momentum Wireless 4 wireless headphones - was £300, now £240

HD 660S2 headphones - was £500, now £400


20% off all products purchased at the show

You can also expect a 15% show discount on most items over £100 although some exclusions do apply and these discounts do not apply to any show special offers, show systems or items already on sale at Audio T.


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