Fyne Audio continues the retro-revival with Vintage Fifteen and Five speakers

Fyne Vintage Fifteen lifestyle in large room
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Fyne Audio has unveiled new “retro-inspired” Vintage Fifteen and Vintage Five speakers at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023.

The speakers are being marketed as “ultra, retro, cool” luxury speakers and will be available at an unspecified point “in March or April”. 

Here’s what you need to know about them.

Vintage Fifteen

The Vintage Fifteen is the premier option in the firm’s current lineup with a pair being set to retail for a hefty £29,999.99 (other regions' pricing to be confirmed). They’re also the largest in Fyne’s Vintage line, sitting above the newly unveiled Five and older Vintage Ten and Twelve.

Each 93kg loudspeaker is also loaded with what Fyne is describing as "its most ambitious and dynamic" IsoFlare driver to date.

The point source transducer system features a giant 15-inch (380mm) multi-fibre cone mid/bass driver with Fyne’s 75mm titanium dome, neodymium motor compression tweeter. Outside of this, the speakers offer 97dB/W sensitivity, 800W peak power handling and bass down to 22Hz.

Visually, Fyne has also described the speakers as its “most ambitious” to date. Their designs are apparently inspired by the 1970s and, having seen them in person at Bristol Hi-Fi Show, we can confirm they are very visually impressive.

The cabinets are hand-built from birch plywood that’s finished in walnut veneers. As an added air of class, they also feature gold anodised metalwork and a “retro texture” grill.

The twin-cavity enclosure has also apparently been mathematically contoured to reduce standing waves and ported downwards onto Fyne’s largest BassTrax LF diffuser system to date – the design reportedly allows the 15-inch driver to move the largest volume of air without port turbulence seen from a Fyne speaker.

We haven’t had any listening time with the Fifteen yet, but according to Fyne, the system lets the speaker deliver audio with the precision and scale of a full orchestra. We’ll be excited to hear if this is true when we get them into our listening rooms.

Vintage Five

Fyne Vintage Five on showroom floor

(Image credit: Fyne)

The Vintage Five is the smaller, more affordable option of the two, with a pair being set to retail for a more modest £3,749.99.

They feature a smaller bookshelf size, despite sharing a near-identical look to their larger floorstanding siblings.

The Five features Fyne’s smallest IsoFlare driver, which combines a 5-inch (125mm) multi-fibre cone mid/bass driver with a FyneFlute surround and a 19mm magnesium dome high-frequency compression driver with a neodymium motor system.

The IsoFlare driver is built into a cast aluminium chassis and incorporates Fyne’s flux-focusing magnet. The combo reportedly helps eliminate vibration colouration and increases bass sensitivity.

Like all Vintage speakers, the Five is hand-built of birch ply, which has been hand finished in oiled walnut veneer and burr walnut inlays. Like the larger Fifteen, it also has an anodised gold trim and leather grille tab.

As was the case with the Fifteen, we’ve not had any listening time with the Five, though the demo units we saw on the Bristol Hi-Fi Show floor definitely caught our eye – we’ll be keen to get them into our listening rooms for proper testing as soon as possible.

The Fyne Audio Vintage Fifteen and Vintage Five are two of many top-end products to make an appearance at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023. Our team of experts is on hand at the show, so make sure to keep checking back with What Hi-Fi? for all the latest news.


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