Russ Andrews Zapperators
New Zapperators fit between cables and speakers to cut RF and other noise

The latest product from Russ Andrews Accessories is The Zapperator, designed to improve sound quality by absorbing interference.

The company says that the device, "developed in conjunction with mains experts, Ben Duncan and Paul Houlden, is designed to reduce the effects of radio frequency interference and audibly improve sound quality.

"The Zapperator uses a selection of very carefully chosen components in a tuned Zobel network to stably absorb RFI and reduce noise in the amplifier/speaker interface.

"Fitted to the loudspeaker's binding posts using stackable ‘piggy-back' banana plugs, the user can still use their speaker cable and connectors of choice. Alternatively, 6mm or 8mm spades can be fitted.

"The effect on the audio signal is one of reducing the noise floor, increasing the detail reproduction and presenting more natural sounding music."

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The Zapperators cost £161 a pair, and are available with the usual 60-day money back guarantee.