Ruark has teased a potential Sonos rival at High End Munich – here's what we know so far

Ruark Series 100 Munich teaser
(Image credit: Ruark Audio)

Ruark Audio has confirmed it will launch a mysterious new line of “100 Series” streaming devices at the High End Show in Munich, claiming they will offer an “evolutionary leap” in audio quality on the company’s previous offerings.

We haven’t had many firm details about the 100 Series outside of a few teased images, which you can see in the gallery below.

Ruark has confirmed the 100 Series will feature a “state-of-the-art” CPU that “brings new levels of performance” and that it will be able to handle “the highest quality” music streams – whether that means MQA, FLAC or something else isn’t clear. We’ve reached out to Ruark for clarification.

The company claims the 100 Series will also house “audiophile-grade” components, including Burr-Brown DACs. Ruark has also confirmed some other features including that it will support Hi-Res streaming, feature a new RotoDial Controller and remote, and a “high contrast” colour display. 

The RotoDial is a central disc control at the top of many of the company’s past all-in-one systems.

The promise of “comprehensive connectivity” also leaves us fairly certain it’ll retain the Bluetooth connectivity that made past Ruark wireless systems and speakers stand out from the competition. Sonos only started offering Bluetooth alongside its wireless speakers this year with its Era 300 and Era 100 speakers.

From what little we know, it’s also set to retain Ruark’s iconic design touches, featuring a wood finish and hand-crafted cabinets and grilles.

The company hasn't disclosed any further information, but when asked Ruark Audio, Managing Director Alan O’ Rourke promised the product is almost entirely new, inside and out, telling What Hi-Fi?:

“Apart from the tweeter drivers taken from our award-winning MR1 speakers, absolutely everything about our 100 Series is new! Taking almost three years to create, we are truly excited as to what 100 Series offers and believe that it will open a new and exciting chapter for Ruark.” 

Ruark 100 Series Munich teaser press image

(Image credit: Ruark Audio)

We haven’t had any further details about the product, but the description, comment and teaser images led many of the What Hi-Fi? team to theorise it may be an even bigger step above the recently updated Ruark R2 Mk4 music system.

If so, this would be no bad thing as the updated fourth generation of this all-in-one wireless system follows a brilliant five-star product, the Ruark R2 Mk3, with some very tantalising upgrades. Highlights include a revised but equally fetching retro design and excellent wireless connectivity that’s perfect for music streaming.

Given the R2 Mk4’s £479 (around $550 / AU$820) pricing, any similar pricing for the new 100 Series (if it's a similar type of product) would put it in direct competition with the Sonos Era 300. The Era 300 launched in March, costs an equivalent £449 / $449 / AU$749 and is currently one of our recommended wireless speakers, having scored a perfect 5/5 when we reviewed it.

Ruark is expected to lift the lid on the new product at High End Munich 2023. Our team on the ground will be on the lookout for more details about the Ruark 100 Series, so make sure to keep checking back with us regularly for all the latest updates from the show.


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