Roth Powa-5
Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Powa-5, or use it to boost the sound of your TV or computer

Roth Audio has unveiled its first active speaker, the £250 Powa-5, which goes on sale from November 12th.

One of the speakers has an 80W amp built into it, and this is connected to the second passive speaker using the supplied cable.

Connectivity includes a pair of RCA analogue phono inputs, one 3.5mm stereo jack, two optical digital inputs and an integrated Bluetooth receiver.

There are also two USB outputs to provide power to mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, and a subwoofer output. A remote control comes as standard.

Roth says the Powa-5 can be used to boost the sound of a TV or computer, or as bedroom or kitchen speakers.

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"The Powa-5 design is a compelling fusion of cutting-edge technology and good, old-fashioned high-quality audio," says Roth AV founder James Roth.

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