The new K3 CD Di joins the current line up of Kandy K3 components and can play CDs and act as a DAC for a range of digital and analogue sources.

The K3 CD Di uses the same CD transport as the K3 CD, which continues as a stand-alone model, with Roksan claiming it delivers the “same almost analogue sound quality as its sister product”.

The DAC section meanwhile features optical and coaxial digital inputs, and is capable of supporting 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio. Users can select the different inputs by using a three position rocker-switch underneath the unit. There are coaxial and optical outputs, too, plus a balanced XLR output.

An LED light on the bottom of the unit also changes colour depending on the selected mode: white for coaxial or blue for optical and the design of the unit mirrors that of the rest of the K3 range.

The Roksan K3 CD Di is due for release this month [August] and will cost £1300.

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Roksan K3

It has to be said, this looks as if it was designed by a Vogon. A spectacularly ugly box, the hifi equivalent of a Fiat Multipla.