RokBlok is the world's first portable wireless record player

Playing your precious vinyl away from your main system turntable can be a difficult sell - we all shudder at the memory of the Crosley Cruiser or low-cost supermarket turntables. Pink Donut, however, claims to have the answer.

The company has placed a product called RokBlok on Kickstarter. RokBlok is a device that acts as both the needle and the speaker for a record. Place it on top of your vinyl, push a lever to get it working, and the RokBlock will drive merrily over your disc, playing it in the process.

It's reminiscent of the VW Soundwagon but adds an extra element - the RokBlok also has Bluetooth connectivity. A push on the lever can pair the device to a wireless speaker or headphones, within a range of 30 feet.

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You might have understandable concerns that having a little block moving around on top of your records is going to damage them, but developer Logan Riley has attempted to put those worries to rest. He claims that the rubber wheels on the bottom of the device, as well as ensuring the centre of gravity does not rest on the needle, will prevent the grooves from widening.

Nevertheless, as with all crowdfunded products, we would exercise caution before letting the RokBlok loose on any of your more precious records.

You can back the RokBlok on Kickstarter for $59 (approximately £50), and it's expected to ship worldwide in September 2017.

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