Jide Technology wants to turn its Android PC into your 4K HDR set-top box complete with streaming, gaming, and a lot of ports.

You might not have heard of Jide Technology - it's a company mostly known for creating PCs and tablets. Its niche is that its hardware runs 'Remix OS', a version of Android made to run like a PC desktop.

Its newest Kickstarter campaign is looking to take a step towards the world of television with the Remix IO, a media streamer which the company says can also be used as a desktop computer and gaming device.

The all-in-one box supports 4K and HDR content, as well as having inputs for HDMI, VGA, MicroSD and ethernet connections.

On the inside, the Remix IO has an Octa-core CPU, an output resolution of 4K at 60fps (frames per second) and 16GB of storage, which theoretically makes it more powerful than the Apple TVthe Roku 3, or the Roku Ultra.

The device works by modifying Android and Android TV apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime to run like a PC, based on the Nougat operating system. 

The project was launched on 20th October, and has already exceeded its $250,000 (approximately £200,000) goal. The Remix IO will ship worldwide, and is currently priced at $99 (£80).


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Why not just buy an nvidia shield?

Unless I am missing something this has exactly the same functionality as the nvidia shield, albeit slightly cheaper.