Record Store Day 2014: 28 film and TV vinyl cameos

Record Store Day is upon us and we're continuing our celebrations with a look at some of the most notable turntable and vinyl cameos from film and TV. From a prison to the open seas, offices to warzones; there's a record player for every setting.

Here are our favourites – be sure to let us know yours.

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1. The Flintstones

(Photo: Warner Bros. Television Distribution)

As everyone's favourite prehistoric family prove, there's just no better way to enjoy your vinyl than a record player fashioned out of a tortoise and long-billed bird. What's playing? It's probably some "rock" music...

2. Lost

(Photo: Disney-ABC via Lostpedia)

We're not going to pretend that Lost was an easy drama series to follow, but under the complex storylines and supernatural plots is the thing we're interested in – a Technics Quartz D.D. Automatic Turntable SL-Q3.

3. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

(Photo: United Artists via

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest became only the second picture ever to win all five major Academy Awards back in 1975; we'd like to believe that this Elac Miracord Model XA100 turntable was a contributing factor.

4. M*A*S*H

(Photo: 20th Television)

Major Charles Winchester has a thing for Gustav Mahler records and he doesn't need a second invitation to play one. It might irritate his fellow soldiers, but it's preferable to the realities of the Korean War.

5. Good Morning Vietnam

(Photo: via)

From Korea to Vietnam, rest assured that we're not charting the turntable and its role in US conflicts during the 20th Century. Despite the charm of Robin Williams' Garrard 401 turntable here, there's some debate over the historical accuracy.


(Photo: BBC)

And here's another example of a record player bringing some much-needed light relief to a character who finds himself in a warzone. Here's Captain Blackadder relaxing with his player nearly 100 years ago in the trenches of World War One.

7. Father Ted

(Photo: Hat Trick Productions)

"Dougal, you need more than one record for a collection. What you have is a record." A valid point that Father Ted makes, but could Father Dougal's rare Nin Huguen and the Huguenotes record help them win Eurosong?

8. Only Fools and Horses

(Photo: BBC)

It turns out the local Irish club in Deptford are without a band for St Patrick's Night. Ever the entrepreneur, Del gets his record player and a Bachelors LP to get Rodney's band a gig they probably haven't earned. Lovely jubbly!

9. The King's Speech

(Photo: Momentum Pictures)

Not content with bringing aural pleasure to people since Thomas Edison invented them in 1870, record players have played much grander roles too. For example, teaching the King of England how to speak without a stammer...

10. The Shawshank Redemption

(Photo: Rank Organisation via

One of our favourite AV cameos from the big screen, this list couldn't have passed with no mention of The Shawshank Redemption. It's a brilliant example of how one piece of music can inspire hope when all seems lost.

11. City of God

(Photo: Buena Vista International via

In the 1960s, the slums of Rio de Janeiro are rife with violence and corruption and City of God tells the story of two boys growing up at that time. It's a gritty, critically acclaimed drama that's loosely based on real events.

12. Looper

(Photo: TriStar Pictures via

In 2074, time travel is invented but outlawed. But that won't stop shady characters from causing a kerfuffle. The sci-fi action aside, we're treated to a glimpse of a Gyro SE with RB300 tonearm and an Audio Technica AT-95e cartridge.

13. Suits

(Photo: NBCUniversal via Quotivee)

Harvey Specter's Pro-Ject 3 Genie turntable was one of our favourite 16 AV cameos on the small screen, but – in the interests of keeping it fresh – we've decided to look at his rather impressive vinyl collection this time around.

14. House M.D.

(Photo: NBCUniversal via Steve Hoffman Music Forums)

Here's another televisual audiophile we've already had the pleasure of meeting. This time there's no iPod dock, but a Sota Cosmos belt-drive turntable, Bella Luna speakers built by Dueval and Thor Audio valve amplifiers. Marvellous.

15. The Mechanic

(Photo: Momentum Pictures Lionsgate)

We don't care what the issue is between Jason Statham and Ben Foster in this remake of Charles Bronson's 1972 thriller. What we do care about is this less-than-favourable treatment of the sharp-looking Pro-Ject RPM 9.1 turntable.

16. Indecent Proposal

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

It's not a tried and tested approach, but the way to a lady's heart may well be through a carefully chosen record and equipment to match. Robert Redford's character here has plumped for the VPI TNT turntable. The question is – does he get the girl?

17. Despicable Me 2

(Photo: Universal Pictures via

Even minions need to have their fun and, in Despicable Me 2, they show that they have the DJ skills to get a party started. We're not sure of their dancing, but then again, we're not really in a position to comment.

18. The Boat That Rocked

(Photo: Universal Pictures)

The Boat That Rocked takes us back to when pirate radio literally ruled the waves, with a dazzling ensemble cast to boot. Unfortunately, the ship meets a watery demise and – yes – it seems some records were harmed in the filming of this movie.

19. Rush

(Photo: StudioCanal)

James Hunt was one of the undisputed stars of Formula 1 during the 1970s and had a lifestyle to match. One thing that wasn't turbocharged was his turntable; just as well, as the music would have sounded like his car engine – neeeeoooooww.

20. Dawn of the Dead

(Photo: United Film Distribution Company via)

Trapped in a shopping mall? Hoards of the undead circling outside in search of their next meal? It's a tough situation to deal with – but there's always time to go through the record collection and stick a decent tune on. What's the rush!

21. Shaun of the Dead

(Photo: Universal Pictures)

If you want to celebrate Record Store Day in style, break out the decks when you get in after an evening out and have an electro session. Even if your housemate does have to work on Sunday because every other, uh, person in his department is ill.

22. High Fidelity

(Photo: Touchstone PIctures via What Would David Bowie Do?)

High Fidelity is a great audiophile film and a wonderful celebration of music, based in a record store and with vinyl love to share. And Barry (Jack Black, above) has a pertinent question – how can someone with no interest in music own a record shop?

23. American Hustle

(Photo: Columbia Pictures)

How did you meet your significant other? In a bar? At work? Through a mutual friend? Or did you first bump into each other at a 1970s American pool party and bond over a Duke Ellington record?

24. Die Hard 2

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Deep beneath the tunnels of a Washington DC airport, John McClane has a mission to complete. Renegade terrorists are on the rampage, but that's no excuse not to stop off with Marvin the Janitor and enjoy his record collection. Yippee ki yay!

25. Columbo

(Photo: ABC via

It seems like no episode of Columbo is complete without a piece of AV kit from the past thrown in. Bye Bye Sky High IQ pits the detective against a super smart murderer and a record player finds itself more than central to the plot.

26. Dr. No

(Photo: United Artists via

The name's Bond. James Bond. License to kill, shaken not stirred and all the other 007 cliches you could wish to shake a stick at. Back we go to where it all began for the film franchise and Dr No... where a record player will help him out of another tight spot.

27. Austin Powers

(Photo: New Line Cinema)

The yin to Bond's yang. Austin Powers is an International Man of Mystery, with his look very much of the 1960s. Where many things have now dated, his record player has not – just don't go playing CDs on them Austin!

28. Family Guy

(Photo: 20th Television)

Remember folks, it's our understanding that the Bird is equal to or greater than the word. But don't get carried away as you might be putting your record collection at risk.

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