Record Radar is a new service that finds vinyl from your Spotify playlists

Shopping around for vinyl could soon become a thing of the past thanks to Record Radar, a service that collates available records based on your Spotify playlists.

Based in Latvia, the site uses data from Discogs and collaborating stores to form what could be a powerful tool for buyers and sellers alike as its user base grows.

Vinyl collectors need only log in to their Spotify account via the website, while sellers receive a QR code that when scanned can link to their stock list and update as new records become available.

We signed in with our What Hi-Fi? account and were relatively impressed with the results for a service still more or less in its infancy.

Fourteen of the 32 entries on our 2018 FIFA World Cup playlist were found immediately, as well as five pages of alternative selections from the artists on it, which isn’t bad for a fairly sprawling selection with plenty of rarities and oddities.

There were a fair few erroneous results from our 50 albums for audiophiles, but the right ones were there mixed in as well, so it remained useful if also a tad untidy.

Record Radar could certainly become a handy tool, especially as physical stores threaten to continue closing their doors, though we’re not sure we need tempting to spend any more of our wages on vinyl.