Qobuz unveils new personalised playlists and CarPlay Online features

Qobuz Carplay Online
(Image credit: Qobuz)

High-res audio streaming service Qobuz has unveiled two new features aimed at offering a more tailor-made listening experience for its subscribers.

The first of these features is My Weekly Q — an AI powered recommendation engine which serves up a personalised playlist of musical discoveries it thinks you’ll enjoy, based on the listening habits of other users with similar tastes to yours. Users will be presented with a fresh playlist every Friday, and the feature will be available across the iOS, Android, and desktop apps.

Carplay Online makes up the second new feature, allowing users to view and launch their favourite playlists and tracks directly from the integrated screen of their car. This follows the already-deployed Carplay Offline ability which lets you listen to downloaded tracks in offline mode.

Subscribers in the 18 countries around the world where Qobuz is offered (including the US, UK and Australia), can use the new features this week, hopefully discovering new fresh tracks from the 70 million-strong library that they would otherwise have never discovered.


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Esat Dedezade
Freelance contributor