The Primary and Primary Phono USB turntables feature a preset tonearm and cartridge, and take components and design elements from Pro-Ject's Elemental and Essential II models.

Pro-Ject has announced two new Primary turntables, a standard deck and a Phono USB model.

Both models share many of the same components of Pro-Ject's Elemental turntable, including a 22cm tonearm and a cartridge that is pre-adjusted to the correct tracking force.

They also share the Elemental turntable's motor, which has a built-in regulator to improve speed stability.

The standard model connects to a phono stage via connected RCA cables, while the Phono USB has an integrated phono stage and an optional USB output for converting vinyl to digital files.

The Primary and Primary Phono USB come in black, red or white matte finishes (as seen on the Essential II), and are priced £170 and £230 respectively.

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