Pro-ject expands its Box range of digital electronics

Pro-ject Juke Box

First-up is the Juke Box. Combining a Debut turntable and digital electronics the Juke Box is a self-contained record player for the dedicated vinyl junkie.

Inside the turntable's base you'll find an electronic speed control, phono and line stage pre-amp and a digital power amp delivering around 25 watts per channel.

Next in line is the the Dock Box, which, as you might have guessed, brings Pro-ject's Box electronics to your iPod in the form of an active docking station.

Compatible with all iPods on the market the active Dock Box charges your player and comes with a fully operational remote control.

Last but not least is the USB Box, an external computer sound card that converts line level audio signals into the digital domain so you can record directly to your PC via USB.

More news on prices and availability as and when we get it...