PMC prodigy1 and 5 speakers aim to take studio-grade sound mainstream

PMC prodigy1 and prodigy5 speakers
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PMC is known for its high-end speakers like the stunning Fact Fenestria we awarded five stars to last year (and a Temptation Award). But its latest speakers – unveiled at High End Munich 2023 – are much more affordable while still retaining the essence of its studio-grade and audiophile models.

The prodigy1 and prodigy5 distil PMC's 30-plus years of hi-fi know-how into two form factors – the former is a standmount speaker and the latter a floorstander. Both feature a 27mm tweeter and 130mm bass driver, and both can trace their lineage all the way back to PMC's QB1 flagship studio monitors. The aim is to "bring the studio home" when using these new models,” says Oliver Thomas, PMC's commercial director and head of design.

Not only do they share similar visual aspects with the QB1, they also feature some of the same technologies developed for it like Laminair, which can also be seen in PMC's excellent Twenty5 series of hi-fi speakers. Laminair is an aerodynamic vent that controls the air as it exits the speaker by reducing resistance, which increases efficiency and eliminates airflow noise, making for a more precise bass response and better dynamic range.

The prodigy1 standmounter features the same bass unit as the PMC ci series, while the soft dome tweeter is a development from the PMC result6 studio monitors. Meanwhile, the prodigy5 floorstander promises room-filling sound, a wide dispersion high-frequency response and a wide sweet spot with exceptional detail.


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Both speakers feature the Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass loading found in all PMC speakers. This uses the energy generated from the bass unit in an efficient way to produce a deeper, tighter and more powerful bass than most cabinets of this size. And because it absorbs unwanted frequencies, it creates a clearer midrange.

The long throw, natural fibre bass drive unit works with the ATL as one unit, which is fitted with an inverted dust cap to reduce high-frequency reflections. The voice coil and magnet assembly promise "unprecedented output levels" for the size of the speakers.

Despite being more affordable, both speakers are still subject to PMC's stringent quality control procedures. Namely, they are measured and listened to alongside reference models, and have to be signed off by their assembler before they're boxed up and ready for shipping.

Both speakers will ship in July in silk black finishes, with black fabric grilles as an optional extra. The PMC prodigy1 cost £1250 per pair, while the PMC prodigy5 are £1995 per pair, and the grilles are £99 per pair. US and Australian pricing are still TBC.


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  • Hugh Jarse
    I read the article expecting a price shock - and I got one.
    Who would have predicted these prices?
  • WayneKerr
    Hugh Jarse said:
    I read the article expecting a price shock - and I got one.
    Who would have predicted these prices?
    Back the the realms of sane pricing, of sorts, from a British made speaker manufacturer.
  • Hifiman
    WayneKerr said:
    Back the the realms of sane pricing, of sorts, from a British made speaker manufacturer.
    Yes, finally. It seems every manufacturer, especially British, is trying to move upmarket with PMC included: I was hoping to buy one of their traditional speakers but the (unjustified in my mind) price rises put me off. There are only so many people willing to pay these rarefied prices, so am pleased with this development.